Evania "Evi"

Breed:  Maltipoo
Gender:  Female
Color:  White with Tan   
Date of Birth: August 29 , 2022
Genetic Test Results:  Clear
Genetic COI:  30%  
Weight:  5lbs 10oz
Height: 9.5"
Personality Type: Sociable-Friendly 
with Bold-Confident tendencies

Notes About Evi's Genetic Test Results

If you look at Evi's breed certificate, you will see that Evi is only 67.8% Maltipoo.  She also has small amounts of Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Pekingese, and Lhaso Apso.  Personality-wise and by physical appearance, she definitely seems to be a Maltipoo.  Because her traits are predominantly Maltipoo, when bred to Zuki, their offspring will be 62%-65.5% Maltese & 18.4% Toy Poodle.  Their offspring will also have small amounts of the other breeds listed above, but for all practical purposes, their offspring will be Maltipoo puppies.

You may also have noticed that Evi's COI is pretty high at 30%. So this may make you wonder why we would use her for breeding. Let me explain.  Evi carries no serious genetic health problems and because she is unrelated to Zuki, their eCOI (estimated COI for their offspring litters) is a nice low 3.1%, which is excellent from a health standpoint.  This means the health of their puppies should be strong because they have such a nice diverse genetic pool. 

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