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The Havanese Maltese dog breed is a designer dog breed: a Havanese and Maltese mix.  The breed is also known as the Havamalt breed.  These dogs are a perfect blend of the personality and physical characteristics of both parent breeds.  Since both breeds are very popular for their great big affectionate personalities, this cross is no different.   Most Havamalts are very people-oriented, outgoing, and fun-loving.  They will melt your heart every time with their funny antics and deep affection!


The Havanese Maltese temperament is exactly what you would expect from a Maltese Havanese cross.  They are extremely friendly and outgoing, but they can also become very attached to you. Because of this strong bond, they should not be left alone for extensive periods of time.  While they are fun-loving and playful, they will happily snuggle in your lap for hours at a time!

With such a great temperament, the Havamalt is an excellent choice for a family pet.  And they will most likely become an adored part of your family overnight!


The Maltese Havanese dog weighs anywhere from 5-12lbs!  Likewise, they measure between 9-12 inches in height!  As such, the Havamalt dog size is considered extra small to small.  But just as Havanese and Maltese have huge personalities, don't let their little body fool you.  They think they are big and can even become quite protective of you.  

Because Havamalts are so small, they are flexible and can adapt to many lifestyles and environments.  Therefore, they can live in a standalone home, a tiny apartment, or even on a family farm like ours!  They potty-train to use the bathroom indoors or outdoors, so they can live just about anywhere.  ​They learn to travel and love it when you carry them with you on outings.  They train easily to crates, so they have a safe place to be when they have to be left alone.  And their crates are so tiny, they hardly require any space in your home. 


Havanese Maltese dogs are very smart?  You can train them quite easily to do tricks and follow commands if you are clear and consistent with them.  Because they are so intelligent and easy to train, they are considered to be an easy breed for first-time, inexperienced owners.  

Shedding & Grooming

Since Maltese and most Havanese both sport silky, smooth long hair, most Havanese Maltese dogs will have a similar hair type.  And there is a nice variety of hair colors possible from the Havanese side.  Similar to their parents, they have a reputation as a hypoallergenic breed.  However, this is not technically accurate since they still have hair and dander.  Because they shed very little hair, many sensitive people have no problem with them.  As a result, the Havanese Maltese breed has earned the reputation as a hypoallergenic dog breed.  

This designer breed needs regular brushing, washing, and grooming to keep them healthy and clean. Professional grooming is always an option, but you need to brush them regularly at home as well.  And of course, you can always learn to groom your Havamalt for yourself if you prefer to do so.  In most cases, your puppy will love the extra attention from you and will happily let you groom them.  Just be sure you get a puppy that has been properly groom-desensitized and socialized from a very young age.


Havanese Maltese dogs usually have a lifespan of 12-15 years.   We love to give our small dogs the best chance at a healthy, long life.  One great way to do this is to provide holistic care to your puppy.  This is because poor diet and toxic exposure can cause many of health problems that commonly shorten a dog's life.  Holistic care ensures your puppy gets wholesome natural food and has very little exposure to toxic substances.    Therefore, we give holistic care  to give back some of the love we get from them.


Designer breeds, like the Havamalt, often avoid many of the health challenges otherwise associated with its ancestor breeds.  Responsible cross-breeding of unrelated dogs can actually diversify and strengthen the genetic pool of the breed.  A strong gene pool decreases inbreeding in the designer dogs.  As a result, with less inbreeding, the risk of developing health problems decreases as well.  

However, there is always the chance that health problems can still arise.  One of the best ways to avoid this is to use holistic care with your puppy.  


There is not really much of a history for the Havamalt dog breed.  They were bred intentionally as early as the 1980s.  However, their ancestor breeds, both the Maltese and the Havanese, have an interesting and old history.  Both breeds have both been around for many years: Maltese for 1000s and Havanese for many 100s!  

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Other Information

For more information on this amazing dog breed, please visit Havanese Maltese Dog Breed | PetGuide.

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