Maltipoo Puppies For Sale VA

If you live in Virginia and are interested in Maltipoo puppies for sale VA, you need to look no further!  Seeking Shalom Acres in located in southwest Virginia, near Barren Springs, VA! Our Maltipoo puppies are lovingly bred for superior health. As a result, we offer a Lifetime Money Back Health Guarantee with each puppy! And we carefully match each puppy to your family’s needs so that you get perfect puppy. 

Breeding Approach With Our Maltipoo Puppies For Sale VA

The primary focus of our Maltipoo breeding program is genetic vitality and superior health.  Using the latest genetics research, we apply this knowledge to breed our puppies specifically to have diverse and strong genetics.  Our parent dogs are screened for serious genetic problems, and we intentionally pair specific dogs to produce puppies that are not inbred.  In this way, our Maltipoo puppies for sale VA are very healthy puppies!

We are so confident in our breeding approach that we offer a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee with each puppy we sell!

For more details, please visit our Breeding Approach for Maltipoo puppies for sale VA .

Pick-Up & Delivery Options For Virginia

If you prefer, you are welcome to pick up your new puppy here at our small family homestead, but we also offer a few other options.  If our schedule allows, we will meet our Viginia buyers near Radford, Wytheville, Hillsville, Galax, Fancy Gap, Lambsburg or any other location within 30 miles of our farm. This is a complementary service we provide to reduce your travel time and expense. It will usually save you about 1.5 hours of round trip drive time.

Additionally, for anyone who lives outside the 30 mile radius, we offer puppy delivery services to your home for a delivery fee.  If you would like to have your puppy delivered, but for some reason we are unable to provide the service at that time, we can also recommend a trustworthy family business that offers delivery services.  

Other Information

We believe our Maltipoo puppies will bring you and your family a lot of fun and happiness. But we still recommend that you do your research before getting one.  You can visit our Maltipoo page and here is another good page about Maltipoos to get you started.

To inquire about our  Maltipoo  ​puppies for sale VA , please toss us a question here .  We'll be sure to fetch!

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