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The Maltipoo is a designer dog breed. It is Maltese Poodle mix. The very tiny Maltese is bred to a Toy or Miniature Poodle.  As a result, this cross breed keeps many of the sought-after characteristics of both breeds.  They boast a wonderful blend of the physical and personality traits of both the Maltese and Poodle breeds.  

Although small in size, they have a huge personality and ooze love to everyone they meet.  Accordingly, most people cannot resist their charm and falli in love with them too!  They are just too lovable to resist!


The Maltipoo temperament is generally super friendly and outgoing, but they are still very calm and laid back as well.  They bring joy to everyone they meet with their easygoing, affectionate, fun-loving personality.  Much like the Maltese, they are extremely loyal and affectionate.  Likewise, much like the Poodle, they are highly intelligent.   

Also, they tend to bond strongly to their person or people and need regular positive interactions with them.  Therefore, they should not be left alone for extensive periods of time. Crate-training is the perfect way to lessen their anxiety when they do have to be alone.

Their affectionate personality and intelligent nature makes them a fantastic choice for a family looking for a pet!  Just beware because they will melt the heart of every member of your family!  

Our Maltipoo - Baby Girl - loves hi-fiving and talking to people.  My daughter can actually carry on a conversation with her and it seems like they are actually talking to each other.  It is so much fun to watch and listen to!


Maltipoos weigh anywhere from 5-20lbs, but ours will usually be between 5-10lbs!  And they measure anywhere from 7-14 inches in height!  So this means the Maltipoo dog size is anywhere from extra small to small.  Don't be fooled by their cute little bodies!  Hidden inside is a great big personality that busts out full of love.   Likewise, they can even become protective and might sometimes bark as though they think they are a huge guard dog! 

Because they are small like a Maltese or Toy Poodle, they can be part of many different lifestyles.  For example, they are ideally suited for a tiny apartment!  We keep them with our family and as part of our little farm.  The Maltese Poodle dog can be trained to potty outdoors or indoors.  As such, they can learn to use potty-systems or even litter boxes.  They crate-train easily to tiny crates, which take up very little space in your home.  And they are excellent travel companions and love to go with you wherever you go! 


Maltipoos are very trainable.  They are very smart and learn new tricks and commands easily, so long as you are clear in your expectations with them.  New owners often find Maltipoos to be the perfect beginner dog because of how easy they are to work with!

Shedding & Grooming

Maltipoo hair type is anywhere from silky smooth white Maltese hair to tight curly Poodle hair.  Realistically, the majority of Maltipoos have hair somewhere in the middle.  

Are Maltipoos hypoallergenic?  Technically, they are not but many people believe they are.  This is because they shed so little hair.  As a result, there is not a lot of hair and dander floating around to cause reactions.  So they have earned the reputation of a hypoallergenic dog. 

Just as their parent breeds need regular grooming, Maltipoos are no different.  Maltese Poodles need to be brushed, washed, and groomed regularly.  This is important to keep them healthy and clean.  You can always hire a professional groomer if you like, but you need to brush them yourself daily. But don't worry.  This can just become more fun time with your puppy.  We have one Matlipoo girl who begs to be brushed and groomed!  She is hilarious.  If we are grooming another dog, she will beg and beg for us to groom her instead! 


The Maltipoo lifespan is usually 14-16 years.  To help your Poodle Maltese mix dog live a long and healthy life, natural care is key!  A dog's life is often shortened by diseases caused by a poor diet and poisoning by toxic exposure.  Holistic care reduces that exposure and supplies an excellent diet.  We give our Maltipoo puppies holistic care as a small "thank you" for all the love and joy they give us!


In general, the Maltipoo dog is a healthy breed.  Because the Maltese Poodle mix has genetics from both breeds, they often have a more diverse gene pool.  Less inbreeding combined with a diverse gene pool leads to less genetic disease.  Therefore, intentional cross-breeding frequently results in very healthy puppies.

However, when Maltipoo health issues do arise, they are still often common small breed health issues.  You can follow an holistic healthcare approach with your puppy so it is has a lower risk of these health problems.


The Maltipoo dog breed does not have much history, as they were only first bred in the early 1990s. However, the Maltese breed has existed for thousands of years and Miniature Poodles for hundreds of years.  To read about the history of the Maltese breed, please visit our About The Maltese Dog  page.

Other Information

For more information on this amazing dog breed, please visit Maltipoo Dog Breed Health, Training, Feeding, Puppies and Temperament | PetGuide.

To inquire about our Maltipoo  puppies for sale, please toss us a question here.  We'll be sure to fetch!

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