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At Seeking Shalom Acres, we are proud ethical Maltese, Havanese, Maltipoo, & Havamalt breeders! Please click the links below to visit our pages about each breed:

But why did we choose these breeds for our family pets? And why did we choose to become Maltese, Havanese, Maltipoo, and Havamalt breeders? Read on to find out...

What We Love About Our Breeds

All four of our breeds are small, fluffy, soft, and adorable. But they are also so much more than that. Here are some of the reasons why we love our breeds so much and why we think you should too! 

Our Breeds Are Super Smart

Havamalts, Maltese, Havanese, and Maltipoos are all very intelligent dogs. They can learn tricks, commands and even how to use the toilet. Yes, you heard me right. They can be trained to use a litter box or pee pad just like cats, or they can learn to use pretty much any puppy or dog potty system. This means no more messy walks in the rain or snow, no more picking up poop from the sidewalk and no more worrying about leaving them alone for too long. Just make sure you have a clean potty available and your puppy will take care of the rest.

Our Breeds Are Very Friendly

Our breeds are all very sociable dogs. They adore people and other animals. They will greet everyone with a wagging tail and a lick on the face. They will play with anyone who is willing to throw them a ball or tug on a rope. They will cuddle with anyone who is willing to give them a belly rub or scratch behind their ears. They are the perfect companions for families, singles, seniors and anyone who needs some love and joy in their life.

Our Breeds Are So Funny

Havanese, Maltese, Havamalts, and Maltipoos all have a great sense of humor. They will make you laugh with their antics and expressions. They will chase their own tail, roll on their back, jump on the couch, steal your socks, hide under the bed, wear your hat, pose for the camera and do anything else that they think will amuse you. They will also react to your mood and try to cheer you up when you are sad or join you in celebrating when you are happy. They are always ready to have fun and make you smile.

Our Breeds Are Healthy

In general, all our breeds are considered quite healthy. Both the Havanese and Maltese breeds have relatively few health problems as compared to many other breeds. Our designer breeds - Maltipoos and Havamalts - have the added benefit of the Hybrid Vigor Effect. This effect means that cross-breeds generally are even healthier than their parent breeds because they have a larger, more diverse genetic pool. As Maltipoo & Havamalt breeders, we love this added benefit that we get from our cross-bred dogs!

Our Breeds Are Low-Shedding

All four of our breeds are low-shedding, which means they often make suitable pets even for people with mild dog allergies. Not only does this benefit people who deal with allergies, but it also means there is practically no shedding in the house. So we don’t have to worry about trying to vacuum all the hair off the couch or sweep it off our hardwood floors. It is one less thing we have to do, which is a huge benefit for us!

Our Breeds Are Very Loyal

Havamalts, Maltipoos, Havanese, and Maltese are all very loyal dogs that will bond with you for life.

They will follow you everywhere you go, whether it is to the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom. They will sit by your side when you watch TV, read a book or work on your laptop. When my daughter goes outside to take care of her chickens, the dogs all pile on the back of the couch to watch her through the window until she gets back!

They will sleep by your feet when you go to bed at night and wake you up with kisses in the morning (unless they decide to sleep on your pillow instead). They will protect you from any danger (even if it is just a squirrel outside) and comfort you when you need it most (even if it is just a bad day at work). These breeds love unconditionally and expect nothing in return but your love too.


So there you have it - some of the many reasons why we love our breeds and why you would too!

If you don't already have one of these amazing dogs in your life, what are you waiting for? Get yourself on our Waiting List so you too can enjoy all the benefits of having one of these furry friends by your side. You won't regret it!

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