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We are ethical breeders using the considerable power all breeders have to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own.  

At Seeking Shalom Acres, we use effective, scientifically-proven puppy rearing methods and breeding strategies to produce the best puppies money can buy.  Each puppy comes with a long list of benefits , including a Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee against serious genetic illnesses and Lifetime Support.  ​We also provide guidance to get their crucial early puppy-hood period right, building a strong foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its life.

Who Are We?

Seeking Shalom Acres is a small, family-run business.  We live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains of southwest Virginia on our small family homestead with our 9 children, milk cows, chickens, Maltese, Havanese, Maltipoos, and livestock guardian dogs.   

How Did We Get Started Breeding Dogs?

When we first moved to our homestead in 2012, we brought chickens with us and wasted no time getting our first milk cows so that we could produce much of our family's food right here on our homestead.  It did not take us long to realize that our animals were simply not going to survive out here in the country because of the heavy predator load.  Not only that, but it was not safe for our children to play outside either.  We discovered we have black and brown cougars, black bears, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, wolves, raccoons, hawks, owls, etc.  Because of this, we decided we needed livestock guardian dogs, and our breeding adventure started shortly after that.  

Our first litter was born on April Fools Day, which was ironic because we did not think our Mama dog was even pregnant!  Her puppies sold very well and we received very positive feedback from our buyers.  The rest is history, as we continued to breed our Great Pyrenees as working farm dogs and pets for many years.  If you would like to see pictures of our Great Pyrenees puppies, please visit our Seeking Shalom Acres Homestead Gallery.

So Why Are We Breeding Small Dogs Now?

Breeding our Great Pyrenees was great fun.  My kids loved all the puppy cuddles and puppy love.  They especially loved playing "Puppy Attack" and running around our pastures and fields with the big ole fluff-balls chasing them around!  

But my oldest daughter always got super attached to the smallest puppy of each litter and then was very sad when the puppy grew (which was a good thing) into a big puppy, and ultimately a great big dog.  She began researching breeds that would look somewhat like a little Great Pyrenees puppy as adults.  She found the Maltese breed, and her heart was set on getting a Maltese.  Another daughter discovered Havanese, and her heart was set on getting a Havanese.  We could not decide between them and ended up choosing to get both breeds as inside pets for our family! 

Once we brought home our first Maltese and Havanese puppies, we immediately fell in love with their super fun personalities.  Even on a bad day, their cheerful dispositions and silly antics can make us smile and laugh.  Now when we all sit in our living room to watch a movie or TV show, there are lots of little dogs to cuddle.  With such a big family, there is never a shortage of laps to go around!  Best of all, my daughter is so happy to have nice little dogs who stay little even when they are full grown!

Why Do We Focus On Holistic Care?

The main reason we focus on holistic healthcare is because we believe the world was originally created perfect and whole, without flaw or defect.  We believe the world was once free of pain and disease and heartache.  And we believe the Creator promises that He will fix it all back to its perfect state again one day soon!  Holistic healthcare is one area that we can follow that gets us closer to the original perfect design.  We believe the Creator has provided us with everything we need to live a whole and healthy life, even in this currently broken world.  

"His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness , through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue."   -- II Peter 1:3

As a general rule, holistic care lines up to the Creator's design far better than conventional care.  Conventional care actually increases exposure to toxins and heavy metals that can lead to serious illness or death, while holistic care focuses more building and supporting the whole body so it is prepared to handle disease exposure and even self-heal.  Holistic care takes into account all areas of life: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual and understands that each area can affect the other ares.  Holistic care depends heavily on whole nutrition and safe alternatives to conventional medicines.  For example, Bach Flower remedies are extremely effective in dealing with emotional issues (which are often the root cause of physical and behavioral issues), but they carry no dangerous side effects like conventional psychotropics or antidepressants do.

Please do not misunderstand.  Conventional care still has its place, but we generally limit its use to emergency care only.  And we are very thankful that conventional care is available to us for those emergencies.  

To learn about the benefits of using a holistic vet, please visit  Why Every Dog Owner Should Use A Holistic Vet .

On a personal note, our journey to a holistic care approach began with personal experience.  If you would like to know more about my story, please visit My Health Journey.

Why Seeking Shalom Acres?

Seeking Peace With All!

We seek shalom with our Creator.
We seek shalom with each other in our family life.
We seek shalom with our fellow human beings.
We seek shalom with our animals and how we care for them.
We seek shalom with the good ground and all it has to offer.
We seek shalom with the wildlife around us.

We believe that the Creator of the world is the Prince of Shalom (peace) and we are seeking His shalom in all areas of our lives. We are human just like everyone else, and shalom is something we all desire to one degree or another. We seek shalom, but we often fail. Our hope and joy is found in knowing that one day the Creator will make all things new and right again and the whole world will experience full and perfect shalom in everything.​​ 

As you may have figure out, we celebrate the Sabbath each week on Saturday, so we do not do work on Saturdays.  Here is a well-made video about The Sabbath Day .  And h ere is an interesting documentary on the  Sabbath .

This excellent video offers a great glimpse at the depths of meaning in the world "Shalom" (please be patient as the YouTube video sometimes takes a bit of time to load): 

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