What Is Included With Our Puppies?

What is included with each puppy we sell?  Every puppy that we sell comes with a wide range of products and services.  Along with our scientifically-proven puppy-rearing methods, these inclusions help make our puppies the best puppies money can buy.  Below is a list of what is included, followed by a short description of each item on the list.

What Is Included With Each Puppy?

What Is Included: More Details

You can learn more information about what is included with our puppies in the sections below.  Each section gives a brief description of the service or product listed.  

Comprehensive Puppy Manual

Each puppy comes with a very comprehensive puppy manual.  What is included in the manual is exclusive to our buyers.  The manual includes all kinds of valuable information, including planning for your puppy, training tips, feeding for health, holistic healthcare, etc.  

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Professionally-Matched Puppy

Using the results of the Puppy Personality Testing combined with your answers on the New Owner Questionnaire, your puppy will be professionally-matched to you and your needs.   

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What Is Included: Other Pages

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