Why Are Holistically-Reared Puppies So Healthy?

Holistically-reared puppies are generally very healthy because they are typically raised with a focus on overall well-being, including physical, mental, and spiritual care. Because the focus is on the whole-animal, holistic puppy care includes superior whole food natural nutrition, minimal stress, regular exercise, good socialization, reduced exposure to toxic substances, supplementation, and holistic veterinary care when needed. Therefore, holistically-reared puppies usually grow into healthy, happy dogs who live a long and happy life.

Superior Nutrition

A holistic approach to raising puppies emphasizes using high quality natural and whole ingredients in their diet, rather than low quality ingredients and unnatural chemical additives and overly processed foods. Ideally, holistically-reared puppies will be fed a diet including raw meaty bones and wide variety of other nutritious foods including colorful fruits and vegetables. There are also some kibble dog foods that provide superior nutrition, free from the contaminants, food coloring, and allergens that are common in cheap kibble brands. Some breeders provide a diet that combines raw meaty bones, fruits, vegetables, and high quality kibble. These various holistic approaches to diet helps to ensure that the puppies receive all the necessary nutrients they need to develop strong immune systems and maintain good health.

We start our puppies out on a high-quality, nutrient dense, easily-digestible kibble as well as superior supplementation to support their overall growth and development.  We invest a lot of money into ensuring our puppies start our on a very strong nutritional foundation and we educate our puppy buyers and provide a road map for nutritional success with their puppy.  To learn more, please visit Feeding Your New Puppy A Superior Holistic Puppy Food Diet.

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Minimal Stress

Minimal stress is also important for the health of holistically-raised puppies. This means that the puppies are kept in a calm and stable environment, without frequent changes in routine or exposure to excessive negative stressors. Along with the environment, breeders who raise puppies using holistic healthcare use Bach Flower Remedies, essential oils, and other supplements to help minimize and mitigate stress for the puppies.  In addition, holistically-reared puppies receive much less toxic exposure, which also reduces the physical strain and stress on their developing bodies.

To support our puppies' emotional health, our puppies receive Bach Flower Remedies and/or quantum supplements as needed.  Additionally, we sometimes use essential oils with our puppies as well.  Learn about the Benefits Of Using Bach Flower Remedies With Puppies and Quantum Supplements and Bach Flower Remedies Consultation For Pets.

Additionally, our puppies are reared in our family home.  This means they are actually exposed to a lot of family life (including normal family drama) and are not as stressed by the hustle and bustle of a busy home as a puppy that was raised in a quiet home that does not have children and noise.  Learn more about the Benefits of Family-Reared Puppies.

Regular Exercise

Holistically-reared puppies receive regular exercise as a key component of the holistic approach to raising puppies. This is because exercise ensures that they are physically stimulated, which can improve their overall health and reduce the risk of behavioral issues.

Proper Socialization

Good socialization is another important facet of holistic puppy healthcare. Early socialization should begin with your breeder and should lay a strong foundation for a puppy that is flexible and able to adapt to new people, places, and experiences without much stress or anxiety. Proper socialization can help ensure that holistically-reared puppies’ mental and spiritual health is balanced. As a result, these puppies have a lower risk of behavioral problems as they mature into adult dogs.

Our puppies receive a lot of early socialization.  Not only are our puppies family-reared in our home, but we also do Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI), Ambient Sound Exposure, Toy-Conditioning, as well as exposure to different surfaces, textures, environments, and people. 

Holistic Vet Care

Finally, holistic veterinary care offers a wide variety of products and services, from herbal medicines to flower essences to homeopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care, etc. A good holistic vet will provide holistically-reared puppies with care options that are less invasive and harmful than many conventional options. Additionally, a good holistic vet will care for their animals with significantly less exposure to the toxic chemicals and substances often found in many commonly-used conventional pet medications. This means that holistically-reared puppies generally experience optimal growth and development and often end up with far less health problems than conventionally-reared puppies. 

Our puppies receive a wellness exam from our holistic vet prior to going to their new homes.  Additionally, if any issues arise that require veterinary care, we always start with our holistic vet.  As a complementary service with our puppies, we provide a lot of holistic education to our puppy buyers about using holistic healthcare with their new puppy, including how to mitigate vaccine risks using homeopathic remedies.

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By following a well-rounded holistic healthcare approach to raising puppies, ethical breeders can help to ensure that the puppies they produce are healthy and well-adjusted. As a result, holistically-reared puppies grow into dogs that often live longer and happier lives.

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