What Are Toy-Conditioned Puppies?

Toy-conditioned puppies are puppies that have had appropriate exposure to – and experience with – a wide variety of chew toys from a very young age.

Chew toys are a wonderful way to help puppies learn and develop while keeping them out of mischief. Therefore toy-conditioned puppies are often easier to transition to their new home and easier to train to their new environment.
As part of puppy socialization and learning, toy-conditioned puppies learn a lot about life from the variety of chew toys they are exposed to as young puppies. 

Benefits of Early Toy-Conditioning For Puppies

Here are some of the many benefits that toy-conditioned puppies experience through proper chew toy exposure and conditioning: 

  • Provide Mental Stimulation 
  • Encourage Positive Chewing 
  • Promote Physical Activity
  • Redirect Inappropriate Behavior 

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