We get many questions about our program and our puppies, so we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions here!  If you have a question that you do not see listed here, please feel free to submit it to us using our Submit A Question form, and we'll get back to you with the answer ASAP.

Do you have any puppies currently available for sale?

Answer:  We have puppies available for sale periodically throughout the year.  To determine if we have any puppies currently available for sale, please visit our Puppies For Sale page.  If a puppy has been sold, there will be a "SOLD" watermark across that puppy's picture.  If there is no watermark, that puppy is currently available for sale.

Where can I see pictures of puppies you have already sold?

Answer:  We have a Puppy Picture Gallery  where you can see lots of pictures of puppies that we have sold.  You can also go to our Sold Puppies   page and click on individual puppies to get more information about each puppy we have sold.  We post updates and other information about the puppy on their individual pages as well.  

When do you expect your next litter?

Answer:  This changes all the time, so please visit our Upcoming Litters page and select the upcoming litter for the breed in which you are interested.  Once on that breed's upcoming litter page, you can see the Expected DOB of that upcoming litter.

What do you include with your puppies?

Answer:  Our puppies come with a whole host of benefits, including a comprehensive puppy manual, a holistic vet health exam, puppy personality testing & professional-matching, genetically-tested parents, a lifetime money-back health guarantee, lifetime support, 30-days of free health insurance, and so much more!  For a complete list and description of each product or service included, please visit our What's Included page.

What are your rearing methods?

Answer:  Our puppies are reared with scientifically-proven rearing methods to make certain they are the healthiest and most well-adjusted puppies possible.  These methods include family-rearing, early socialization, Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), holistic puppy healthcare, early potty training, early crate training, etc.  For a comprehensive list of the rearing methods we implement with each litter of puppies, please visit our Puppy Rearing Methods page.

Do you test your parent dogs?

Answer:  Yes, we test our parent dogs using Embark For Breeder's Dog DNA Test.  It is a DNA test designed specifically for breeders and is the most comprehensive test available at this time.  It tests for many known genetic health problems, coat and body traits, and Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI).  Embark's test also provides several very useful tools to help breeders make meaningful and intentional breeding decisions from the results of the DNA testing.  

What is your puppy healthcare approach?

Answer:  Our primary approach to puppy healthcare is holistic, but we are also integrative as we use conventional puppy healthcare for emergency care.  We believe the best healthcare for puppies is holistic because it addresses all areas of health, from physical health to mental health to emotional health, etc.  With a holistic approach to puppy healthcare, there are no boundaries between the various areas of health.  For example, an emotional stressor can cause physical symptoms and vice versa.  So if a puppy is struggling with an issue, holistic healthcare views the whole puppy to try and determine the cause and solution.  Therefore, we proactively support all areas of health so as to strengthen our puppies' overall development and growth and ultimately result in healthier, happier puppies.  For more information, please visit Why Are Holistically-Reared Puppies So Healthy?

Do you microchip your puppies?

Answer:  No, we do not microchip our puppies.  Although there are certainly benefits to using microchips with dogs (helping to find a lost dog, for example), there are also substantial health risks associated with microchips.  This is a decision that the puppy's new owners should make, not us. For more information on the subject of microchip implants, please read Risks & Benefits of Microchipping Dogs .

Do you remove dew claws from your puppies?

Answer:  No, we do not remove dew claws from our puppies.  Dew claws are an important part of a dog's anatomy, similar to our thumbs and big toes.  They are important for maintaining structural health as well as for dexterity, grip, and balance.  For more information on the subject, please read Risks & Benefits of Dew Claw Removal .

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