Our Puppy Raising Methods

We rear our puppies with scientifically-proven puppy raising methods.  We follow these methods for raising puppy because we want to ensure that if you decide to get a puppy from us, it will be the best family pet or companion you can find!  Below is a list of our puppy-rearing methods followed by a short description of each method.  Also, be sure to visit our What's Included page to learn about everything that is included with each puppy we sell.

Scientifically-Proven Puppy Raising Methods

Puppy Raising Methods: More Details

Below are short descriptions of each of the puppy raising strategies that we use from the list above.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

The Early Neurological Stimulation method in puppies was developed by the US Military.  Overall, the Military's goal was to help improve the stability and performance of dogs being raised to be working military dogs.  Basically, it is a simple method of daily tactile exposure the puppy receives starting at just a few days old.  As a result, many benefits have been observed in dogs who received ENS as young puppies.  Surprisingly, these benefits are not limited to emotional stability, but also include physical benefits.  For example, the following benefits have been observed: stronger heart beats, stronger cardio-vascular performance (heart rate), stronger adrenal glands, greater disease-resistance, and better stress tolerance.

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