Quantum Products (Supplements)

Quantum products are a relatively new area of research involving quantum physics. In this article, we will specifically be covering information about “quantum ingredients” or “quantum supplements”.


These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, but instead to improve the quality of life of the people or animals who are using them. Any advice given on this page is my opinion based on my research and experiences and should not be used in place of medical or veterinary care.

What Exactly Are Quantum Products?

The quantum products I am discussing here are called “ingredients”. These “ingredients” are really just the information that make up a physical ingredient.

For example, let’s look at the ingredient called “blueberry”. Now try to imagine exactly what makes a blueberry a blueberry. On a very basic level, a blueberry is just information put together in a specific order, like an energetic signature. Theoretically, the same information could be put together in a different way and create a completely different ingredient. So the blueberry that we experience when we hold it in our hand or when we bite into it is made up of information.  

Therefore, the “ingredients” that I am referring to as “quantum products” are really just the informational building blocks that make up the ingredient, arranged in a specific way.

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