Havanese Maltese Breeder Approach

As a Havanese Maltese breeder, our goal is to provide the best designer Havamalt dogs you can find anywhere.  Therefore, our approach is specifically-designed to produce the very best Havanese-Maltese puppies money can buy.  The best pet or companion dog is very healthy, well-socialized and able to adapt to change when necessary.  Such dogs are the result of good breeding and rearing practices.  Ultimately, these practices provide you with a superior puppy that adds a great deal of happiness and joy to your home and family. 

To accomplish this goal, we regularly invest money, time, and research into the best breeding strategies and puppy-rearing methods available.  We also take advantage of the latest technologies and tools that are available to us.  As a result, our Maltese-Havanese puppies are superior puppies that will literally be the perfect match for you!  

Havanese Maltese Breeder: Benefits We Provide

We offer a whole host of benefits with each puppy we sell, including many things to make your life easier.  We want you to have the best experience you can with our puppies, so we do a lot of the work upfront to make everything easier for you. 

For example, our puppies are family-reared in our home and as such receive a lot of early socialization, including exposure to small children.  We also provide Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Elite-Breeder Personality-Testing, professional puppy-matching, and holistic healthcare.  To simplify your training efforts, we also start all our puppies off with basic command-, potty-, and crate-training.  

We also offer Lifetime Support, including guidance to help you transition your puppy and finish their training and socialization.  As part of our support, we provide a free, detailed, comprehensive puppy manual with lots of information on all things puppies.  Finally, we are very confident that our breeding approach will produce genetically-healthy puppies, so we offer a Lifetime Money-Back Heath Guarantee against serious, life-threatening genetic diseases. 

For more information, please visit our Puppy-Rearing Methods page, What's Included page, and Breeding Approach page.

Significantly, a wonderful side benefit of our Havanese Maltese breeder program is that our puppies don't end up in shelters.  Because our puppies grow into superior, well-socialized dogs, they live out their lives happily with their families.  And if someone is unable to keep them for unforeseen circumstances, we will help find the dog a new home. 

Havanese Maltese Breeder: Breeding For Genetic Health

Sadly, it has been estimated that 75% of dogs could be carrying genetic illnesses.  Because of this, our focus is on the genetic vitality of our Havanese Maltese puppies.  We want to decrease genetic risks so our puppies will be genetically-strong and healthy enough to live a whole, long happy life with you!  To accomplish this, we use genetic testing. This way, we can make sure that our dogs do not carry serious known genetic problems, but we can also avoid any inbreeding in our program.  Since inbreeding often leads to genetic problems, this enables us to further reduce the risk of genetic health problems in our puppies. 

Havanese Maltese Breeder: Embark Testing

As an important part of our Havanese Maltese breeder program, we use Embark breeder testing for all our parent dogs, including the parents of our designer dogs.  Since the Havanese-Maltese breed is a mix of Havanese and Maltese, there are some breed-specific genetic disorders that are screened for, including: Glycogen Storage Disease Type IA, Von Gierke Disease, GSD IA (G6PC, Maltese Variant), Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease, CDDY/IVDD, and Type I IVDD (FGF4 retrogene - CFA12).  Additionally, all our parent dogs also receive screening for approximately 230 other potential non-breed-specific genetic health disorders.  

Embark testing also provides the genetic COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding or percentage of inbreeding) of each dog we test.  Likewise, Embark supplies tools that help us to predict the eCOI (estimated litter Coefficient of Inbreeding) for any two dogs that we choose to breed.  

Thankfully, all this genetic data is extremely helpful with our Havamalt breeding program.  It enables us to make solid, scientifically-based breeding decisions. Ultimately, these decisions help diversify and strengthen the genetic pool of our Havanese Maltese puppies!


In conclusion, our Havanese Maltese breeder program is designed to strengthen and diversify our breeding dogs' genetic pool.  We also focus on behavior and temperament by using science-based strategies.  In this way, when our puppies end up in homes like yours, we insure they will become healthy and well-adjusted adults.  Ultimately, this means our superior Havamalt puppies can help bring happiness to your home!

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