Havanese Maltese Puppies For Sale

We raise our Havanese Maltese puppies for sale to become exceptional family pets and companions.  With this in mind, we invest a great deal of energy, time, and money to ensure our puppies are the best you can buy.  As such, we raise them not only as superior puppies, but we test their personalities to match them specifically to you and your needs!  In so doing, our goal is that your experience with us will go way above and beyond what you get from other breeders! 

How Do We Raise Our Havanese Maltese Puppies For Sale?

Our Havanese Maltese puppies for sale are raised following scientifically-proven rearing methods.  

For example, our Havamalt puppies are raised in our home as part of our family.  In this way, we regularly expose our puppies to our busy family life.  In addition to early family socialization, we provide Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and ambient sounds to ensure a solid foundation for optimal socialization.  

In addition, our puppies are reared following a holistic healthcare approach.  This naturally decreases the amount of toxic exposure our puppies receive, so as to encourage optimal puppy growth and development.  Likewise, to encourage natural immune system development, we use oral immunizations in combination with controlled natural disease exposure.  Also, we use quantum product supplementation when necessary.

When it comes to training, we do everything we can to start our Maltese-Havanese puppies off right.  We work with their natural instincts and provide an appropriate potty-training environment that helps them to potty-train quickly.  In the same way, we use crates as part of their puppy play pen from a very early age.  This encourages them to not soil in their crate.  Likewise, we provide them with a variety of chew toys.  In this way, they enjoy playing with chew toys instead of getting into mischief or barking too much.  In addition, we start basic command training and early grooming and clipper desensitization with each puppy.  

For more information, please visit Puppy-Rearing Methods we use with our Havanese Maltese puppies for sale .

What's Included With Each Havanese Maltese Puppy For Sale?

Each Havanese-Maltese puppy for sale comes with a whole list of benefits. 

For example, each puppy comes with a Lifetime Health Guarantee against serious, life-threatening genetic diseases.  Not only that, but our puppies also include a holistic vet exam, genetically-tested parents, low eCOI (estimated litter Coefficient of Inbreeding), and complementary 30 days of Trupanion health insurance.

Additionally, we personality-test and professionally-match each of our Maltese-Havanese puppies for sale to their new families.

With each puppy we sell, we provide free Bach Flower remedies for travel and transitioning to their new homes.  We also offer a complementary Bach Flower For Pets Consultation.  Likewise, we offer a complementary Quantum Products for Pets Consultation.  In addition, we provide everyone who purchases a puppy from us a 25% discount code for a Baxter & Bella lifetime subscription.

Finally, each puppy comes with a comprehensive puppy manual.  This manual covers a wide variety of topics.  It includes planning to bring your puppy home, puppy holistic healthcare, feeding your puppy, training your puppy, etc.  In addition, we provide Lifetime Support for the life of every Havamalt puppy we sell.

For more information, please visit What's Included with our Havanese Maltese puppies for sale .  

Other Information

We are confident that our Havanese Maltese puppies will bring much love and joy to your home.  But we still recommend that you do some research before getting one.  For example, here is an excellent page with lots of information on Havanese Maltese puppies.

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