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What are Havanese dogs most known for? In a nutshell, the Havanese dog is a very intelligent bouncy little bundle of big joy!  We adore the way they love to bounce 2-3 times their height in greeting!  We love how they share such exuberant happy smiles so freely!  It is so much fun when they walk on their back legs to say "Hello"!  Ultimately, they make us laugh a lot, even if we are having a bad day!


The Havanese dogs temperament is super friendly, abundantly affectionate, and loyal!  Most have never met a stranger.  They enjoy some moderate exercise and thoroughly love playing with you or an animal friend.  But they are the happiest when they are with their person or people.  They love to curl up in our laps or snuggle up on our feet.  When we allow them to, they will gladly sleep in our bed with us.  They do not like to be separated from their people for any extended period of time.

Their wonderful temperament - combined with their intelligence - make Havanese dogs a great choice for a family pet.  But beware their smiley, adorable eyes, because they are experts coercing a treat out of practically anyone! 


Weighing an average range of 7-13 pounds and measuring only 8.5-11.5 inches in height, the Havanese dog size is considered small.  But don't let that little body fool you.  They are a hardy little breed that more than makes up for their small size with their enormous fun-loving personalities.  

We love that their small size makes them an ideal choice for many lifestyles: they can live in a house, condo, apartment, or even on a farm!  They can learn to use the bathroom outside or be trained to a litter box or other potty-system inside, when necessary.  When we travel with them, they are easy to carry to many locations.   Crate-training with such small dogs is very convenient since their crates are very small like them and take up very little space.


Are Havanese Smart?  Very much so!  Training them is not difficult as long as you are consistent and clear with your expectations.  They are a great breed for first-time, inexperienced owners because they are so intelligent and easy to train.  

Do Havanese Dogs Shed?

This breed is often recognized by its beautiful, long, silky hair, that comes in many fun colors.  They are even known as the rainbow dog because there is so much color variety in the breed!

Are Havanese hypoallergenic?  Yes, they are commonly considered to be hypoallergenic. This is because they shed very little to no hair at all, which often reduces reactions in people with sensitivities.  Many people who suffer from sensitivities to dogs do just fine with a Havanese dog in their home. It also makes life simpler because a non-shedding dog means less hair to clean up in your home.  Since we have lots of children, we appreciate anything that makes it easier to keep the house clean!

Because their hair grows relatively quickly, they do require regular brushing, washing, and grooming.  We find these activities can be another fun part of life for your dog.  After all, it is something else they get to do with you!


The breed's lifespan is 14-16 years, especially when they are given lots of love and well-rounded holistic care.  Sometimes the Havanese lifespan can be extended beyond 16 years with wholesome natural food and limited exposure to toxic substances. This is because toxic substances are often associated with many conditions that shorten a dog's life.  


In general, this breed is considered to be a healthy, hardy breed.  One reason for this is the fact that the breed has a lower rate of inbreeding compared to many other breeds.  Havanese health issues that do arise are often health challenges that are commonly associated with small breeds.  As is the case with all breeds, holistic healthcare can help decrease the chances of developing these health issues.


The breed is an old breed.  Originally from an island in Spain, their ancestors were brought to Cuba by boat in the 1500s.  Once in Cuba, the Havanese breed was created and quickly became very popular because of their friendly, outgoing personalities. Named after the city of Havana, the breed became the national dog of Cuba!

Sadly, during the Cuban Revolution, the breed almost became extinct when the total population dropped to just 11 dogs!  Thankfully, the Cubans who migrated to the United States succeeded in building the breed back up from those 11 dogs!  Today, the Cuban Havanese dog is a very popular breed. They hold an impressive position as one of the 25 most popular dog breeds! 

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