Maltese Havanese Puppies For Sale

We expertly breed and rear our Maltese Havanese puppies for sale to grow into exceptional family pets and companions.  With this goal in mind, we invest a lot of time, money, and energy into each puppy we sell. We do this to ensure our puppies are the best Maltese Havanese puppies you can find anywhere.  

Not only do we raise them to become superior pets, but we use the Elite Breeder Personality Testing and Matching protocol to make sure you receive a puppy that matches your needs and those of your family perfectly. We strive to ensure that your experience with Seeking Shalom Acres goes far above and beyond what you get from other breeders! 

How Do We Raise Our Maltese Havanese Puppies For Sale?

Our Maltese Havanese puppies for sale are raised using research-backed rearing strategies.  

For example, our Havamalt puppies are raised in our family home and are gently handled by children, teenagers, and adults from a very early age. In this way, our puppies are regularly exposed to busy family life and and all that entails. In addition to early family socialization, we provide a variety of early stimulation techniques, including Early Scent Introduction (ESI), Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and ambient sound exposure. We do this to ensure each puppy receives a solid foundation for optimal socialization.  

In addition, all our puppies are raised using a holistic puppy healthcare approach.  Such an approach naturally decreases exposure to toxic substances, which in turn encourages optimal puppy growth and development.  Additionally, we support natural immune system maturation through the use of oral immunizations combined with natural disease exposure in a controlled fashion. We also use quantum product supplementation with any puppy when needed.

As far as puppy training, we do everything in our power to start our Maltese-Havanese puppies off right.  We support their natural instincts by providing an appropriate potty-training environment to encourage early potty-training.  In a similar fashion, we use crates as an integral part of our puppy’s rearing pen a very early age to encourage our puppies to not soil in their crates.  We also provide our puppies with various chew toys.  In this way, they learn to enjoy playing with their toys, which helps to prevent them from getting into mischief or barking excessively.  Additionally, all our puppies receive very basic command training, early grooming, and clipper desensitization from a very young age. 

For more information, please visit our Puppy-Rearing Methods page that covers the rearing methods we use with our Maltese Havanese puppies for sale.

What's Included With Each Maltese Havanese Puppy For Sale?

Each Maltese Havanese puppy for sale comes with a whole list of benefits. 

For example, each of our puppies includes a Lifetime Health Guarantee against serious, life-threatening genetic diseases.  Not only that, but we also include a holistic vet exam for each puppy, low eCOI (estimated litter Coefficient of Inbreeding), genetically-tested/screened parent dogs, and 30 days of complementary Trupanion health insurance.

Additionally, as we mentioned earlier, we personality-test and professionally-match every one of our Maltese Havanese puppies for sale so that we can be sure to match them appropriately to their new owners and their families.

With each puppy we sell, we provide free travel and transitioning Bach Flower remedies to reduce the puppy’s stress and support their transition to their new home.  We also offer an optional complementary Bach Flower For Pets Consultation with each of our puppies, as well as an optional complementary Quantum Products for Pets Consultation.  Additionally, each puppy comes with a 25% discount code for the Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School lifetime subscription.

Finally, each puppy includes a comprehensive puppy owner manual.  This manual is designed to prepare you for your new puppy and help you navigate the waters once your puppy comes home. Covering a wide variety of topics, the manual includes planning before you bring your puppy home, puppy holistic healthcare education, feeding options for your puppy, and training tips for your puppy, etc.  Lifetime Support is also included with every Havamalt puppy we sell. 

For more information, please visit  What's Included  to learn what we include with our Maltese Havanese puppies for sale.  

Other Information

We are very confident that our Maltese Havanese puppies for sale will bring a great deal of joy and laughter into your home. But we still suggest that you do some research on your own before getting one.  For example, here is a detailed page about Maltese Havanese.

To inquire about our Maltese Havanese  puppies for sale , please toss us a question here . We'll be sure to fetch!

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