Maltese Puppies For Sale VA

Look no further if you are searching for Maltese puppies for sale VA! Seeking Shalom Acres has you covered! Based in southwest Virginia, close to Barren Springs, we offer superior puppies as family pets and companions. Our Maltese puppies come with a Lifetime Money Back Health Guarantee, as we breed specifically for vitality and health! We strive to provide the perfect puppy for your family, so we carefully match our puppies to you.

Breeding Approach With Our Maltese Puppies For Sale VA

We employ a superior breeding approach when it comes to our Maltese puppies for sale VA. Using the latest genetic screening technologies, our puppies’ parent dogs are cleared of serous known gentic defects. Additionally, some of the latest genetic tools enable us to predict the genetic health of their offspring, and therefore make science-based breeding decisions with our dogs. As a result, our Maltese puppies have a diverse, strong gene pool and are never inbred. Therefore, we know our Maltese puppies for sale VA are very healthy!
Because of this, we offer a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee with every Maltese puppy we sell!
For more details, visit our Breeding Approach for Maltese puppies for sale VA .

How Do We Raise Our Maltese Puppies For Sale VA?

Since our goal is to provide you with the best Maltese puppies you can find, we implement strategic science-based rearing methods to get them started off right for you.

A few of these stategies include raising the puppies in our home and family environment to build a great foundation for optimal socialization, early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), and regular exposure to ambiant sounds. Additionally, to avoid unecessary exposure to toxic chemicals and our medications, we follow a holistic puppy healthcare approach. Our rearing methods also cover some basic training with our Maltese puppies. For example, our puppy playpen is set up strategically to promote early instictual potty-training and crate-training.
For a list of our rearing strategies and for more details, please visit  Rearing Methods for Maltese puppies for sale VA .

What's Included With Each Maltese Puppy For Sale VA?

We incorporate a variety of high value benefits with each Maltese puppy we sell. We do this to make your puppy buying experience with us as smooth as possible.
In addition to the Lifetime Health Guarantee we mentioned above, some of the included benefits are 30-days free life insurance, an extensive puppy manual, and Lifetime Support. Also included are complementary consultations on using quantum products and Bach Flowers with your puppy, and a discount for online puppy school membership. One of our premier benefits is Elite Breeder Personality Testing, which provides us with the information we need to match your family and lifestyle needs to the best puppy.
For a more detailed list, please visit  What’s Included with our Maltese puppies for sale VA ?

Pick-Up & Delivery Options For Virginia

Puppy pick-up can be arranged in one of several ways. Of course, you can come directly to our small family homestead and pick your puppy up here. Additionally, as long as our schedule allows for it, we offer a complementary meet-up service and can meet you anywhere within a 30 mile radius of our farm. We can meet you in Radford, Wytheville, Lambsburg, Galax, Fancy Gap, Hillsville, Dublin, or Pulaski, for example. This service can reduce your round trip drive time by up to 1.5 hours and therefore reduces your travel expenses.
If you need delivery services instead, and live further than 30 miles from our family farm, we also offer delivery to your home for a delivery fee. If – for some reason – we are unable to provide the delivery services you need, we can recommend another local trustworthy puppy delivery service to you.

Other Information

We believe our Maltese puppies will bring you and your family a lot of fun and happiness. But we still recommend that you do your research before getting one.  You can visit our Maltese page and here is another good page about Maltese to get you started.

To inquire about our Maltese  puppies for sale VA , please toss us a question here .  We'll be sure to fetch!

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