Maltipoo Puppies For Sale

Our Maltipoo puppies for sale are designed to make superior family pets and companions.  As such, we invest a lot of time, energy, and money to ensure our puppies are the best puppies available.  In like manner, we strive to make sure our puppies are the perfect match for you personally.  Our goal is that your experience with us and our puppies will be very positive and exceed your expectations!  

How Do We Raise Our Maltipoo Puppies For Sale?

We use scientifically-proven puppy rearing methods with all of our Maltipoo puppies for sale.  

For example, we raise our Maltipoo puppies in our home.  In this way, they are part of our family and receive regular exposure to our lives and small children.  In addition to this early socialization, we play ambient sounds for each of our Maltipoo puppies for sale.  We also apply Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).  In so doing, each puppy has a strong foundation on which to develop future socialization.  

In addition, we rear our puppies with holistic healthcare.  A positive natural result of this is that our puppies experience very low levels of exposure to toxic chemicals compared to most other puppies.  As a result, holistic healthcare promotes optimal natural growth and development.  Likewise, we use a holistic approach to disease prevention.  We give our puppies oral homeopathic immunizations to protect them.  Then during controlled, limited, natural disease exposure, the puppies' immune systems are activated to produce lifetime immunity.  We also use quantum products to supplement our puppies when necessary.

Training is a vital part of puppy rearing.  For example, we use a strategically-arranged puppy playpen to reinforce our Maltipoo puppies' natural instincts.  This arrangement promotes early potty-training, crate-training, and chew toy conditioning.  In addition, we begin our puppies with basic "Sit" and "Stay" commands at a young age.  Lastly, we desensitize our puppies to clipper noises and vibrations to make sure our puppies are ready to be groomed.  

For more information, please visit our Puppy-Rearing Methods page.

What's Included With Each Maltipoo Puppy For Sale?

Each Maltipoo puppy for sale includes a whole list of exceptional benefits. 

For example, we offer a Lifetime Health Guarantee against life-threatening, serious genetic diseases.  Not only that, but we take all our puppies for an holistic vet exam before they move to their new homes. In addition, we run genetic tests on all our puppies' parents.  Embark testing enables us to calculate an eCOI (estimated litter Coefficient of Inbreeding) for each litter, and our puppies consistently have with low eCOIs.  We top that all off with 30 days of free Trupanion health insurance.

Additionally, we use personality-tests with each puppy for sale.  We then professionally-match each puppy to their new family.

With each Maltipoo puppy we sell, we provide free Bach Flower remedies.  These are specifically designed to support our puppies' emotional health as they travel to their new home and transition into a new family.  We also provide one complementary Bach Flower For Pets Consultation for future use, if needed.  In similar fashion, we provide a complementary consultation on using Quantum Products for Pets.  In addition, we have a 25% discount coupon code you can use towards a lifetime subscription to Baxter & Bella Online Dog School.

Finally, each puppy comes with an extensive puppy manual.  This manual covers a whole range of topics.  For example, the manual teaches holistic puppy healthcare and basic training, along with other topics.  In addition, with every Maltipoo puppy we sell, we offer Lifetime Support for the life of the puppy.

For more information, please visit our What's Included? page.  

Other Information

We are certain our Maltipoo puppies for sale will bring you a great deal of happiness. But we recommend that you do your research before getting one.  For example, here is a good page on Maltipoo puppies to get you started.

To inquire about our Maltipoo puppies for sale , please toss us a question here We'll be sure to fetch!

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