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Do you live in or near Virginia? Are you in the market for Havanese puppies VA? Seeking Shalom Acres is always happy to offer you expertly bred Havanese puppies! Our puppies are bred for superior health. Because of this, we stand by our program by offering a Lifetime Money Back Health Guarantee with each and every puppy that we sell! We also strive to always ensure that our puppies and families are perfect matched, and we use the Elite Breeder Personality Testing & Matching protocol to accomplish this!

Breeding Approach With Our Havanese Puppies VA

As mentioned early, the main focus of our breeding program is to produce happy healthy Havanese puppies for families like yours. Because of this, we provide a Lifetime Money Back Health Guarantee with our puppies! Part of good health is a diverse genetic pool and lack of inbreeding, so we strive to ensure both with all our puppies.
We genetically test and screen each of our parent dogs for known genetic issues. We do this so we are certain that no known genetic issues are passed on to the puppies we sell. We also regularly assess potential future litters for their expected health and genetic diversity using available genetics tools for breeders. Using these methods, our Havanese puppies VA are never inbred and carry a very diverse genetic pool. 
For more details, visit our Breeding Approach for ​our Havanese puppies VA.

How Do We Raise Our Havanese Puppies VA?

We want all our puppies to be very healthy and well socialized to make everything easier for you and your family. Early socialization is the responsibility of all ethical breeders, while continued socialization is your responsibility. Why is socialization so important? Because a properly-socialized puppy is a joy to live with and tends to be easier to train, more adaptable, more social, and less afraid. This makes them much better suited to family life than a puppy that has not received proper socialization. We use scientific rearing strategies to encourage early socialization, so our Havanese puppies VA will be the best puppies you can find.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI), varied exposure to ambient sounds, and family-rearing are all examples of rearing methods that get early socialization off to a great start.
To promote optimal physical health, we choose to use holistic puppy healthcare for rearing our puppies, which supports optimal development, growth, and maturation. Holistic healthcare also significantly decreasing the normally high levels of toxic substance exposure that most puppies unfortunately face.
We rear our Havanese puppies VA so they will be stated off well with create-training and early potty-training. To accomplish this, we set up our puppy rearing pen in a strategic way that takes advantage of puppies’ natural instincts to support early potty-training. Our rearing pen layout also encourages early natural crate-training. Havanese puppies require regular grooming, so we practice grooming with our Havanese puppies from an early age. We also desensitize them to the sounds and vibrations of electric clippers so they will be easy to groom. 
For a list of our rearing methods and related details, please visit  Rearing Methods  for our Havanese puppies VA.

What's Included With Each Havanese Puppy VA

We include many valuable benefits with each Havanese puppy we sell. Our Lifetime Money Back Health Guarantee is at the top of that list! But to make sure you have an exceptional experience with Seeking Shalom Acres, we include many other high value benefits to make your life simpler and your transition easier when you decide to purchase one of our Havanese puppies VA.

Some examples of our benefits are 30 days of free puppy health insurance, a comprehensive “How To Raise A Havanese Puppy” owner’s manual, and Lifetime Support. As part of holistic puppy healthcare, we also provide free Bach Flower remedies for your new puppy and other pets you have in your home. These remedies ease travel stress and transitioning to the new pet-family dynamic a puppy creates. In like manner, we offer an optional complementary Bach Flower Remedies For Pets Consultation and Quantum Supplements For Pets Consultation to any buyers who are interested or need help in these areas.
The Elite Breeder Professional Personality testing and matching protocol we use is a significant benefit as it provides us with the information we need to professionally match your puppy to you. In this way, you receive a puppy that matches your needs. For example, we never want a beginner dog owner to receive a puppy with very strong personality that may be too difficult for a new owner to manage! Instead, we want to ensure a beginner dog owner receives a puppy with a less strong personality that will help the new owner to have a rewarding and positive first experience owning a dog! 
For a more detailed list, please visit What’s Included with our Havanese puppies VA.

Pick-Up & Delivery Options For Virginia

Are you wondering where we are located? Just take a look at the Virginia map below and you can see our location at the red pin. Our little family homestead is peacefully nestled in very beautiful country. The Appalachian mountains are gorgeous year round and we adore our 30 acres in the foothills! 

Havanese Puppy Pick-Up Day is an exciting day! As such, we want to make it as simple as we possibly can for you to pick up your puppy. So we offer a variety of pick-up and delivery choices to try to meet everyone’s needs. Your first option you have is to drive to our homestead and pick up your Havanese puppy there. If this is your preference, you are certainly welcome to do so. 

Your second option is to use our complementary meet-up service. This option is certainly the most popular option with our puppy buyers because it saves lots of time and money. Basically, when you use our meet-up service, we will meet you within 30 miles of our family homestead. Locations that are within 30 miles of our homestead include Galax, Fancy Gap, Hillsville, Lambsburg, Pulaski, Dublin, Wytheville, Dugspur, or Radford! Most of our puppy buyers meet us at Radford, which saves them 1.5 hours!

Lastly, we do often provide delivery if that is what you really want and need. For our delivery service, we charge a reasonable delivery fee and provide the service ourselves. On occasion, we are not able to schedule the delivery ourselves, but you don’t need to worry. We will refer you to a local family-run business that provides excellent delivery services as well. We know this family personally and trust them completely with our puppies.      

Other Information

We are so glad that you are interested in our amazing Havanese puppies. Although we have no doubt that our Havanese puppies VA are the best you can find and will bring so much joy and laughter into your home, we recommend that you research the breed before making the decision to get a Havanese puppy. You can start with our  Havanese  page and this  Havanese  page.

To inquire about our Havanese ​puppies VA , please toss us a question here .  We'll be sure to fetch!

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